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Bright, equipped studio apt – central Hanoi #406


[PLEASE NOTE: The apt is located in the 4th floor without an elevator. Our stairs are spacious and comfortable to walk up and down, but please consider before booking]

Thank you for taking interest in our house!
The studio apartment is located in the mini apartment building which was built and is operated by my own family. We’ll do our best to give you a neat, clean, safe & friendly environment.

+ New mini apartment building built and run by our own family
+ Public surveillance camera 24/24; Government-approved fire safety system;
+ Laundry service upon request.

+ 21 square meter with your own kitchen and bathroom, 4th floor
+ Air conditioning
+ Queen size bed, wardrobe, bedside table
+ Kitchen table

+ Full kitchen cabinet with basic kitchenware
+ Fridge, microwave, rice cooker, kettle, pots and pans.

A great value deal for travelers who don’t want to spend much on accommodation while still have their own space and all basic needs met 🙂

Common areas/facilities: Parking lot, terraces.

You can contact us in case you need any help.

Not the fanciest area in the city, but coming out of the alley, you can see the busting typical daily life of Vietnamese people. Plus, you can get anything you need at cheaper prices and within walking distance.

+ The room is located in the 4th floor.
+ We offer laundry service within the building with very cheap price.


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Cổng thông tin Du lịch và khách sạn Việt nam


The location is near to the lake. There are many restaurants nearby. The apartment is clean with a local tip book for guests. Very good place with reasonable price to stay.

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from 308.000 đ per night