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Aimee #2 – Antique Elegance in the heart of Hanoi


A 30-square meter 2-floor unique loft with a double bed nearby Hoan Kiem lake. The host is an architect with a passion for traditional Vietnamese structure and eco-friendly system. The house uses natural daylight with a large skylight. The entrance is a narrow alley what is a feature of houses in Old Quarter area. It is a little dark in the nighttime but it worth when you really get into the house.

We do have other houses, check our listing to have a reference.



Our house located in Cau Go street – a one-way street, only a few steps to Hoan Kiem Lake and almost must-visit attractions. When you stay in the Old Quarter, everything will be around: restaurants, shops, cafe, even the laundry, convenient stores.

– Few steps to Hoan Kiem Lake
– 9 mins walk to St Joseph’s Cathedral
– 4 mins walk to Ta Hien beer street
– 10 mins walk to “Phở Bát Đàn” restaurant
– 7 mins walk to “Bún chả Hàng Mành” restaurant
– Convenient store (Circle K, Shop & Go) in front of the apartment

Like an oasis right inside the heart of Hanoi, we are confident about the location of the house.


By bus: you can take the bus number 86 from the airport to the city center, it will take about 45 minutes. Bus running hour is from 6:20 AM to 11 PM every day. Bus fee is $2

By taxi: If your arrival time is not on the bus running time or you want to transfer directly to our house you can book a taxi or Grab car.

Our airport pick-up: we also support the airport pick-up service at a reasonable price. It only takes 30 minutes to get to our house.


With a cozy kitchen, a private bathroom equipped with the wooden stuff, we always take care of every detail in the house.
We know Hanoi so well and have a recommendation list (what to eat, where to go) ONLY FOR YOU. Besides bringing you to a local life, we also care about your safety, your sleep, probably your feelings. We are here, as your friends ;).

We do have a phone number to call when you need to be supported. Hang out, chit chat, show you about the interesting things in Hanoi. No distance between you and us. We are Vietnamese, Vietnamese are freaking friendly ^^. Want some beer, want to know how to cook a basic Vietnamese dish, just call us. We do not offer a 24/7 service, but you can contact us if there is any problem during your stay.

Save the last for the best! You will never feel the real Vietnam if you choose a hotel. With us, the answer is always YES! Stay together, experience together.

Vietnamese love to do everything with their hood. In the daytime, you can see a woman is doing the laundry in the front yard, a man is sleeping on the balcony or a family talks so loud and has a lot of fun together. Is it funny? Right? It is the real life of Hanoian, we share the space and feel it every day. So why don’t you have some fun with us?

The entire place is yours during your stay. At night, since you know it’s the Old Quarter, it might be dark getting in the alley and up to our apartment, we recommend you keep the light outside our place on. The gate in the middle of the alley is locked at night, so you will have a set of 3 keys and a private tour of how to function them. Don’t worry, no one has failed this test yet, you will be fine.

From the moment you landed in Hanoi, we are your buddies. Call us for any help during your stay. You can self-check-in with our smart lockbox, all information will be sent to your mailbox 24 hours before your departure. We do have a lot of surprise for you in Hanoi.

We build homes that we want to live in. We want to share with you the superb experience of waking up in one of the most hidden, secluded place inside the busiest part of the town. Get lost, but not too lost. Wake up to the sunshine from our elevated balcony, the fragrance of Pho, the hustle of the ever-changing Hanoians right outside your front step. Have fun, visit our list of unique places in Hanoi that we curated only for you, our guests, our brothers and sister, but come back to the embrace of Aimee at night, where we ensure through all of this, you still can call Aimee your home.

Since you are on Cau Go street, it’s not exaggerating if we say you can find anything here. From Pho, Bun Thang, Bun Cha, to tourist attractions, to pubs to convenient store. Cong Caphe, a famous retro cafe in Hanoi is 24 steps away, Hanoi Opera House, Ta Hien street, the Old Quarter, everything you need for a vacation of fun is 10 minutes away. If you need a scooter for a day or two, let us know!!

Let us know if you are interested in a private tour of the Old Quarter, or a nice cozy cafe in the hidden corners of the cities, or food, drinks, places that don’t destroy your wallet and still you can have a great time.

The entrance is a narrow alley due to Old Quarter is a very crowded area, and it is a little dark in the night time. Maybe our neighbors will have some activities that you don’t feel familiar but it is normal in Vietnam, don’t worry, they will never bother you, so just walk by and get into your house.

THE GATE CLOSED AT 10 PM every night for area safety. So don’t forget to bring the keys in case you come home late.

STAY ECO WITH US! We have grown some plants in our house, we appreciate if you can help to water once per day.



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Aimee’s place was in an amazing location! Surround by amazing street food, good Vietnamese coffee and just minutes away from the beautiful lake. Hidden down a little alley way we felt like we were living like a local in this creative space spread over 4 levels and hearing the sounds of the neighbours (no annoying traffic or bars, just the sounds of dogs and children playing). Aimee was so quick with communication and her Hanoi guide was so helpful in finding some great cafes. Amazing value for money. Thank you Aimee for a great stay!

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